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Welcome to the Promenade Dental Practice – the only NHS & Denplan Dental Practice in Mumbles.

Our ground floor base in the heart of Mumbles, right on the seafront, combines convenience and accessibility with pleasant, modern surroundings.

First rate dentistry is as much about prevention as it is treatment. That’s why it’s important to get children into healthy eating habits as young as possible and putting together a tasty lunchbox is a good place to start.

All about diet: Processed foods are convenient but healthier options are far better for teeth. Focus on perishable items like fresh fruit and vegetables as alternatives and go for ‘real’ cheese and home cooked meats rather than processed ham.

Don’t fix it if it aint broke: Variety is nice but if your child likes the healthy lunchbox you put together one day then repeat it the next. It’ll save time.

Longer isn’t better: Not the length of a carrot but the shelf life of food as the longer its sell by date, the more starch it’s likely to contain. Starch coats the teeth, generating bacteria, leading to cavities. Pumpkin or sunflower seeds or dried fruits like raisins are a tasty, starch-free option.

Water’s the way: A drink of squash or juice often contains more sugar than kids should have in an entire day. As well as causing tooth decay, sugar at lunchtime can lead to an afternoon slump in energy, affecting concentration. Encourage them to drink water, or flavour it naturally by infusing it with real fruit in the fridge the day before.

Best thing since sliced bread: If making sandwiches then whole grain or rye bread gives your kids much-needed nutrients, protein and fibre. So much better for them than white bread which is sugary. Pita bread is also a low sugar alternative.

Sugar spotting: It’s well known than sugar is extremely harmful to children’s teeth but it can be hard to spot in food as it has a variety of. Sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, dextrose, fruit syrup, molasses are all forms of sugar but provide kids with little but empty calories. Our advice is to look for ‘no added sugar’ on packaging or under the nutritional information panel, find ‘carbohydrates – of which sugar’.

"Darril and the team at Promenade are always welcoming and I am delighted with the care and quality of the dental treatments I’ve received."